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Puma air compressor, for commercial & industrial use

Puma air compressor

Puma can be used to give air power to a variety of tools such as air impact wrenches, brad nailers, staple guns, drills, grinders, sanders, sandblasters and spray guns. There are 4 Puma series to choose from, Direct Drive, Contractor, Professional and Industrial.

The Puma Direct Drive compressor series offers portable air compressors that are compact and lightweight. Features include, die cast aluminum pump with cast iron sleeve and thermal overload protection. These models are oilless, meaning there is no oil required to run the machine. Models include, DP-3008, LA-5706, LA-5721, DD-5012 and DP-4011VP. Choose 1hp, 15.5 hp, 2 hp, 3 hp, 4 hp and 5 horse power.

The Contractor series from Puma (DP-2004V, DP-2022H, PUK-2008MDC, PUK-5508G, TUE-8008GE, PUK-9008G) have 6 air powered compressors. These models are designed for professional contractors as well as farm owners. Features for these portable compressors include, splash lubricated pump with cast iron sleeve for longer lasting pump life and manual reset overload protection. Engines range in size from, 2, 5.5, 8 and 9 HP.

Puma has the Professional series of portable air compressors, that is designed for the professional and automotive industries. Manufactured of 100% durable cast iron pump, features include, Swedish steel valve for long life and splash type lubrication. Models to review include, PK-5020, PK-2008, PK-5050VP, PP-6060V and the PK-6560V.

The Puma industrial series (TE-5060V, TK-5080VM, TK-11030HG, TK-5080M ) are designed for heavy duty use in commercial and industrial applications. These models are two stage high efficiency stationary air compressors.

If you need replacement parts such as pumps for your compressor then a good place to find discount deals is over the internet. Compare Puma to Coleman Powermate models such as (CP0302013, CP0502013, CL0502713, CL7006016, CL7008017 and Chicago Electric models (QRS7.5HPD, QRS3.0HP, QRS5.0HP).

Ingersoll Rand for your air tools

Ingersoll rand air compressors are produced by the Ingersoll-Rand Company – they are the leading manufacturer and supplier of compressed air and inert gas equipment and systems. This company not only makes compressors, but also dryers, filters, drain valves, cooling systems, compressed air management systems, piping systems and other compressor accessories.

The Ingersoll rand’s Nirvan is a rotary compressor that is used to provide unparalleled energy efficiency at all speeds and offers superb reliability. It is a very low maintenance power tool – with no motor bearings, gears, pulleys, belts, couplings or motor shaft seals to wear out, leak or need replacing. There is also nothing to get out of alignment. Different models of stationary air compressors by Ingersoll Rand include 23, TSI 2.5, SS, TSF13GH, 24, TS10E10, TS10K10, TSN7.5FP, and TS15K15.

With Ingersoll rand compressors you can give air power to a number of tools such as die grinders, sanders, hammers, drills and polishers/buffers. Compare these stationary and portable air powered compressors, with other top brands. From Porter Cable, North Star, Welbilt and Coleman CT4090410, Chicago (QRS7.5HPD, QRS3.0HP, QRS5.0HP)

A portable 12 volt air compressor, for all types of duties

If you need a small compressor for household needs then a 12 volt air compressor is perfect. Some uses of 12v compressors include inflating airbeds, inner tubes, rafts, inflatable plastic furniture, basketballs and more.

These multi-purpose portable 12-volt mini air compressors can pump out 250 PSI, plug into your vehicles 12v cigarette lighter and your ready to got to work. Features include, fast, high-pressure inflation of all types of inflatable toys and sporting goods. There is a built in pressure gauge, so you don’t over inflate the toy or inner tube. This uses 12-volt DC power. Be sure that the model you choose comes with 2 nozzle adapters and a sports needle to inflate soccer and more.

Review mini electric air compressor brands such as, Campbell Hausfeld, RoadPro and Coleman Powermate, Husky, Ingersoll Rand. Do comparisons of the features offered from the different brands and read consumer reports to see how they compare to each other.

Black & Decker, Poulan Pro Chainsaws

Black & Decker PSL12

Black & Decker PSL12The Black & Decker PSL12 is a tool that has world wide acclaim and many people have not only enjoyed this saw but would actually prefer this saw over many other leading power tools on the market today. In this article we’ll give you the 101 on this power saw and maybe just help you make the decision as to whether or not it will be the right tool for the job. But we want to go one step beyond and even give you some reviews that customers have left about this saw and how they would recommend it to others!

First, the Black & Decker PSL12 is a sleek and stylish design that has vibrant black and red colors that will be sure to catch anyone’s eye. On top of the design the Black & Decker PSL12 has detachable blades that let you detach and reattach different sized blades to cut all materials that you might encounter in your projects. This powerful little saw only weighs 4 pounds right out of the box so not only will it be handy but also very versatile as to where you can use it. The ability to move your power tools easily is something that all carpenters and people alike really appreciate when dealing with those hard to reach spots. On top of the versatility of the saw it also comes with a 12 volt lithium battery that will be sure to last the entire duration of your work. The battery also contains smart charge technology that will actually improve the charge over the years and actually will provide a stronger and longer lasting charge the longer you use the saw!

The Black & Decker PSL12 is not only portable and stylish but also has the ability to cut through any kind of material that you can throw at it. This powerful saw can cut through boards, lumber, pvc pipe, and even metal! With power like that, you really don’t need any saw because the Black & Decker PSL12 does it all. But with all the pros come some cons. Considering the weight of the unit it will be troublesome in the future mainly because of how easy it can be dropped or flipped over. Now this may not sound like a big deal but with a saw you want it to be as sturdy as possible because if the saw were to move as you were cutting it can lead to very severe injuries. This and of itself might change your mind when deciding whether or not to purchase this saw. If you’re a person that needs the top of the line best products than perhaps this saw isn’t the unit you’re looking for. This saw is targeted towards your average to above average carpenter or construction worker. This saw, you might find, might not perform to the expectations that you would expect it to. So before you decide to purchase this saw make sure you consider these questions and be honest about the situation and then determine if this is the correct power tool for your needs.

Now what would this article be if we didn’t include some of the words from the customers themselves? The biggest selling point of any product is to here actual customer reviews and hear how much they enjoyed the product. One customer wrote “I purchased this saw to do some pruning and trimming of several trees in the yard. I opened the package and inserted the blade and battery and I found the battery charged and ready to go. The power of this little saw is amazing. It cut through three inch limbs with ease and with a little work it even cut a 4 and 5 inch limb although I don’t recommend that as an everyday occurrence.” As you can see the true power and this little saw is amazing and is truly remarkable for the size.

As you can tell the Black & Decker PSL12 is an amazing product that would be more than enough tool for all of your needs. From the customer reviews you can tell that the Black & Decker PSL12 is a saw that gets the job done!

Black & Decker LCS120

Black & Decker LCS120The Black & Decker LCS120 is an easy to use and light weight chain saw, but that is what almost everyone says about it. The full marketplace description of the product calls it the Black & Decker LCS120 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw. When compared to other products similar to it, the competition is being left in the dust and it is so cost effective that there is no competition. All around this is another great product from the company that is known for amazing tools on the market today. Black & Decker has a household name and reputation that is hard to beat anywhere at any price, remember them when you are looking for that perfect tool oriented gift this holiday season.

You must always weight the good and bad points of any tool before buying it, but with this item there are not that many things to think. When considering the pros and cons of this product, there are only a few main issues really. There are many positive aspects about the Black & Decker LCS120 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw including its ease of use, durability, well constructed design and being light weight for the average user. The only con that is voiced by consumers is that the Black & Decker LCS120 only last for about a half an hour before needing to recharge. The recharge time can take between 4 and 5 hours, so the user needs to have a little patience about this. This is not a huge issue for most users, but if you are planning on heavy duty endurance usage then you may want to look for a larger chain saw. This is the only complaint that you find among many positive reviews, which is not very much at all.

Despite the battery recharge issue, this Black & Decker tool is one of the best and most compact little chain saws on the market today. As far as cutting wood and doing the job it is designed for, it packs a serious amount of energy into such a small package. For the amateur wood cutter and tree trimmer, this is the ultimate device for the home, the cabin or on outdoor camping excursions. If you are already a fan of Black & Decker tools, this will be a prime addition to your existing collection. You will be glad to own the Black & Decker LCS120 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw in your tool arsenal and it will show itself worthy of many years of future use in your tool shop, but that is because it’s a Black & Decker tool.

This season it is time to add an upgrade to the tools you have at your disposal. Do not waste time and money on anything less than the great tools made by the greatest tool company around, that means Black & Decker tools. This little chain saw packs more power than other comparable models for sale online these days. Make the right choice in a chain saw for home and outdoor usage. Make the best purchase for your buying dollar. Make the smartest purchase of the season the Black & Decker LCS120, you will be proud to call it your own.

Poulan Pro PP5020AV

Poulan Pro PP5020AVIf you are looking to purchase a chainsaw that will pack a lot of bang for your buck, the the Poulan Pro PP5020AV is an outstanding 20 inch chainsaw that’s guaranteed to get the job done with precision. It’s enormous, almost 2 ft blade comes with a 50 cc motor that propels the chainsaw at such speed that the gasoline powered gadget eagerly slices through the toughest of wood surfaces. From pine wood to oak, Poulan makes a promise to its customers when it says that it’s product is reliable. Noteworthy enough is the professional style aluminum clutch cover, but also, the highly equipped chainsaw comes with a fully equipped automatic chain oiler that keeps the blade purring along as you get the job done.

This model, exclusively produced by Husqvarna, has some definite advantages, the reduced vibration handle, the super clean air system, all of which contribute to the machinery operating in the most efficient manner via cleaner burning fuel, and a smoother handling process. The Poulan Pro PP5020AV combines speed with accuracy to give it’s users dependable results. Let me point out the pros and cons of this device here:

These are the pros: It’s a great buy for the price of the saw, well built, durable and rugged with a strong 50 cc motor and it even comes with tools and a carrying case. The blade cuts through all types and thicknesses of wood. The handle is designed for reduced vibrations, and it comes equipped with an automatic chain oiler.

Here are the cons: On the flip side, the chain tension employs an older method, and the chain itself is subject to extensive wear if it is not sharpened frequently enough. Considering the overarching themes in design and reliability I see in the Poulan Pro PP5020AV are representative of a superior quality machine that is equipped for many tasks.

It’s sleek, light, design at approximately 20 pounds, is easy to maneuver in tight situations as well as in large spaces, this gives it a definite cutting edge with the competition. As far as quality, the Poulan Pro PP5020AV is a leader, able to slice through woods of the thickest diameter, as well as woods of the highest strength. It is second to none in speed nor endurance as it is able to run at 100% capacity for hours on end. No matter what the job, this chainsaw has you covered.

The chain tensioning system is simple and reliable, although some would like a more recent version. All of the mechanically oriented components of this machine are well manufactured and built to last. The carburetor is a consistent performer in the well greased engine of the Poulan Pro PP5020AV. This unit stands tall amongst competitors to be one of the best performers in its category. The design is second to none and the balance of the machinery is superb.

To say the least, the Poulan is a strong, dependable unit that is well worth the purchase price. It’s versatility proves very useful in practical applications of the tool. If you are looking for a good chainsaw, that will slice through wood like butter, with reliability, then this chainsaw is the one for you. Try this chainsaw out and you will be impressed. By all means it stands up with the best in the business and is definitely cut out to do the job. The Poulan Pro PP5020AV is an innovation that is a truly outstanding masterpiece.